Complaint Filed Against Gerrit Schotte

Earlier this week the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao stated that they’re not going to prosecute politically motivated complaints until after the election. This has not stopped Henricus (Harrie) Verstappen to file a 109 page complaint against Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte.

In Verstappen’s complaint against Schotte, he concluded that there is enough suspicion to support the fact that cash deposits made to Schotte’s bank account are related to criminal offenses.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s press officer Norman Serphos the complaint is currently being reviewed by Attorney General Dick Piar. After review the complaint will be submitted to a public prosecutor who will make the determination if any offenses were committed by Schotte.

In case deemed by the Public Prosecutor’s office that the case is politically motivated then the case will be put on hold until after the election as mentioned earlier this week.