The Netherlands Won’t Make It Pass The Group Stage Of Euro 2012!

Going in as one of the favorites to win the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 Final, the Netherlands will head home empty handed. The Netherlands will not even make it to the second round of the tournament. There’s still a possibility of a triple tie in Group B, but this unfortunately will not favor the Dutch squad.

By winning on Sunday against Portugal and if Denmark loses against Germany there will be a tie in Group B between the Netherlands, Denmark and Portugal. In this scenario all three teams will finalize the group stage with three points each. However, in this scenario Portugal will come out victorious and make it to the next stage.

If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the higher number of points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question will be used as the first criteria to break a tie. This will move Denmark on top of the Netherlands due to the fact that the Dutch squad lost their first match against Denmark. But on the other hand, Portugal will take Denmark’s place because they won against Denmark and leaving the third and fourth place in the group in dispute. Since the Dutch lost against Denmark, the Dutch will be bumped to the bottom of the group.

In the above mentioned scenario Germany and Portugal will go through taking the first two places of the group, respectively; while the Denmark will take the third place and the Dutch fourth place.