Fighters of the Caribbean Main Event: Cedric Bacuna vs Anouar Lahmaj

WILLEMSTAD — The main event of Fighters of the Caribbean, October 21st 2017 at International School of Curacao, is not only a high level one, but also a very special one.

Cedric Bacuna who fought worldwide will fight his farewell fight on his own island, dushi Kòrsou.

Cedric Bacuna is a ‘Yiu di Korsou’ who fought more than 80 Muay Thai and kickboxing fights and won many great fighters, like the world champion Wanlop Sitpholek from Thailand.

One of his highlights was in 2011 by winning the Championship belt of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) in the A-class Middleweight (-72,5 kg.).

Cedric lives in Groningen and trains in Amsterdam at Vos Gym under guidance of Ivan Hippolyte. You need a lot of discipline to travel 4 hours a day (2 hours and 2 hours back) to practice your sport.

His opponent is not an easy one at all. Anouar Lahmaj (26 years) is an upcoming pro Kickboxing fighter from Moroccan origin.

He fights out of the Slamm team and trains at Days Gym in Almere, under guidance of Dayon Mugra.

He is selected to fight in the international promotion of Enfusion and will make his debut in Thailand next month, in July.

He has a aggressive style and always brings action in the ring.

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